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These are answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs). 

What are the prices of the autographs?
- Prices vary per guest. They’ll have their prices at their booth. 


What is your Health Policy?
- No masks, vaccines, or negative tests needed.

Though mask and social distancing (where possible) are highly recommended. 

Please explain pre-registration.
- On Friday, June 3rd from 12 PM to 8 PM you can show up to the Riverside Convention Center with your e-mail/QR Code and your ID and get your badge. This allows you to skip the registration line on Saturday and Sunday and join the pre-registration line which is much faster.

How much do Carnival rides cost?
- $6 per ride or $20 for an unlimited day pass.

Where can we find the schedule for panels?


Where can we find information about parking?


Where can we see a map of Anime Riverside?


Where can we see a list of vendors?


Where can we find more information about the Cosplay Contest?

Where can I find information on the different Meet Ups at Anime Riverside?


What is Anime Riverside’s Prop Policy?

Where can I park?

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