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Prop and Weapons Policy:

No functional props or real weapons are allowed at Anime Riverside.

Masks and Face covering are allowed

Real knives, swords, guns or anything considered or categorized as a weapon will not be permitted at the event our any areas managed or associated directly to Anime Riverside. 

All Cosplay / costume props and weapons need to go through weapons check located at the front entrance.

They will be inspected and tagged as CHECKED.

Masks, Cosplay accessories, blasters, lightsabers, foam weapons and common place props are allowed and encouraged.

Please use common sense. If the props are at all dangerous to the public, you will not be allowed to bring it inside the center.

Note* If security finds any weapon, device or object on your person that is deemed dangerous by staff, you will be asked to leave the event without reentry. 

If you use any props or accessories in any harmful way toward toward yourself or guests, you will be asked to leave the event without reentry. 

For any additional questions about our prop policy, please email

Let's all have a safe and amazing time at Anime Riverside. 

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