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This is an anti racist, anti sexist, lqbtq+ inclusive, environment.

We celebrate diversity within the fandom and want to create a safe environment for everyone.  

This code of conduct applies to your interactions with other Anime Pasadena attendees as well as staff.

If you SEE or EXPERIENCE any unwanted contact, bullying, harassment or any other behaviors that makes you uncomfortable, stand up and contact our staff or the Riverside Convention Center staff with your situation.


There are security and police on staff in and around the convention center. Any incident should be reported to the front admission desk to any of our Anime Pasadena staff. We then contact security directly.

Individuals should never confront anyone. That could be dangerous!

Our staff and security are trained to remove any attendees violating the policy expressed here.


Personable not Personal:
Do not touch or make physical advances without explicit and enthusiastic consent.


Respect the space and others:

Shaming someone else’s appearance, sexuality, interest’s or any aspects of themselves that you do not understand is disrespectful.


Don’t make assumptions:

Don’t ask attendees about their sexualities, gender identities, bodies and preferences.


Be mindful that approaching anyone with these questions does not entitle you to an answer.


We stand in solidarity with all those who come to Anime Riverside to find freedom from the outside world. Let’s work together to keep this a safe space for all those who seek refuge in this space.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our consent policy, please feel free to email

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